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Competition project - multi-apartment residential complex "Terrace on Kiacheli Street"

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Residential house is being built on "Terrace Kiacheli Street" in the city center, at 15 Leo Kiacheli Street. The project area covers 2329.0 sq.m., the building has 11 floors, which is located on Kiacheli Street with 6 floors, and the 5th floor has a terrace in the direction of the right bank of the river Mtkvari.

მშენებლობის დასრულება-2022 წლის დეკემბერი.
Price: 7590 GEL(2200$)-GEL 9315 (2700$).
Installment: 10 months, 40/60
Apartments from 62 square meters to 247.8 square meters




Parking place

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About the floors

-I and - II floor are public parking lots for 48 cars, with a total area of ​​1679 sq.m. The floors of the building have a mixed function and consist of 3 entrances, where the number of apartments is determined by 38 units. The total useful space of residential apartments ranges from 71.3 sq.m. From 247.8 sq. M. Up to m.

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On the terrace of the -2nd floor there is an inner green yard, which occupies 400 sq.m. All apartments have a summer terrace with the best views of the river. Along the Mtkvari gorge.

General Information

About construction

Building material:

  • Concrete and reinforcement of European standard and quality.
  • Cargills Austr. Company "DOKA"
  • Aluminum doors and windows "SCHUCO"
  • Facade cladding, Belgian brick tile "Roben"
  • Insulation, "ROCKWOOL"
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  • Elevators "SHINDLER"
  • Plastering material "KNAUF"
  • Facing materials for terraces and balconies are frost-resistant, of European standard sorting.
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